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Re: 1.8T in Ur-q

	I like that car.  Hmmmm.
I think it is a pretty sweet conversion and while I still want to build an
S2 and something with a V8 in it (am I crazy?) I wouldn't mind doing this
later.  I like the look of the late 90's as well to.  Bigger and better
looking than the early 90's but not as big and bulky as a type 44 or
s4/s6.   Hmmm, OR maybe do this to a cabriolet.  Only problem is I would
have to put a 5-spd in.  Could you make a Cab quattro :-)   Sorry, just
draming of torture. :-)

	Todd Phenneger
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On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Todd Young wrote:

> Todd Phenneger wrote:
> > Boy,
> >     I had toyed with this idea too.  But for a 4kq track car.  Maybe
> > After the V8 conversion will I try this. :-)  ANd that comes after the
> > MC and 20vt conversions.  Heh, Heh.  I let out a maniac like laugh.
> >     I see one big advantage of the 1.8t conversion.    WEIGHT!   The
> > 1.8t 4-cyl weighs a lot less than the 3B,MC motors.  And it should allow
> > a little more room in front of the motor for say, OH..... a MASSIVE
> > INTERCOOLER???  WIthout having to ditch half the front end of your car
> > and use your IC for either a Grille   or   a   SKid Plate as it seems
> > Alex Nekus's massive unit would do on a bumpy road.
> >     Anyhnow, I think it would be a Sweet conversion but I sure am not
> > going to try it any time soon. :-)
> Just my $.02 on this subject. I agree with Todd P. (and no it's not just
> because we have the same first name). Weight savings and overall size are
> two important factors. Another BIG factor is the aftermarket support for
> the 1.8Turbo. There are A LOT of reputable companies producing performance
> parts for the 1.8T engine, not the least of which is MTM. If MTM can get
> 300 hp out of a 1.8T and say it will be dependable, I believe them.
> Just a note: said conversion  has already been done by a gentleman in
> Europe to a type 89 80 series car, it can be found at:
> http://www.audi80.com/e/oa80motor.html
> Looks like a great idea for a '93-95 US spec 90series, dump the heavier
> 12vV6, and put in a tweaked 1.8T.
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