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RE: Leaking hydraulic servo

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> Aleksander Mierzwa writes:
> > I recently noticed that the hydraulic servo on my 5KT is leaking. The
> bomb
> > will discharge overnight and when I remove the return line, I can see
> the
> > fluid constantly dripping. I recall reading on the qlist in the past
> that
> > it is possible to rebuild the servo, the only problem being sorting out
> the
> > necessary o-rings. If it's true, I'd appreciate any BTDTs or, in fact,
> any
> > input on the subject. New part from Audi is, as always, no option for me
> > because of outrageous price.
> I replaced mine recently.  As far as I know, they cannot be rebuilt.
... I don't know about all servos, but I do know that rebuild kits are
available for the brake servos on the QTC's available in the USA, and the
one one the 5k looks pretty similar.  You might want to contact Sport Wheels
in Colorado to see if they can help you out.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)