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Re: Why do I have to prime the pump?

Do these cars have one of those residual pressure-holder thingies...
(laugh) I don't know why I can't remember the name. If you have a small
leak in your fuel lines somewhere, or your... darn it, whatever that
thingy is called.... isn't working right, then this might be your
problem. On my CIS Rabbit, I installed a relayed fuel pump switch
because I didn't feel like replacing that thingy (the new one, plus
lines that were rusted away, would have been several hundred dollars, or
approximately what the car is worth).

Dave wrote:

> I'm making good progress on resolving my no-start 87 4Kq.
> I've got it to start, but it won't start regularly unless I
> bridge the fuel pump relay to get the system pressurized,
> then put the relay back in (it then runs for a second and
> the relay clicks). At this point it will start and run fine.
> So I'm thinking (my Bentley's haven't arrived yet) there is
> some component that tells the fuel pump relay to turn on
> when it needs to maintain pressure. I'm kinda clueless at
> this point. Help. . .
> Thanks,
> Dave
> 87 4KCS quattro
> dnevin@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu