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Subject: Re: Audi A6 2.8 .. service light reset?

>Arun Rao writes:
>> This question's for a friend ... does anyone out there know how to reset
the >>service light (IN 1) that appears in the odometer display? Special tool?
Dead >>chicken?
> >
> >The car's a '96 A6Q Avant with the 2.8 liter V6.

Ti replies:
<You need a VAG1551 scan tool to reset it.  Time for a dealer appointment.
Now that's pretty ridiculous... other manufacturers provide service reminders
that are run off the odometer... for example, we just got my wife a Honda CR-
V, and the service reminder (for oil changes) goes from green, to yellow, to
red, and can be reset by sticking your ignition key into a spot on the dash.
The Audi version would just piss me off; last visit to an Audi dealership for
service was the airbag recall over a year ago.  Seems like the Audi version is
revenue driven.