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Re: Pull the trigger!

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Mike Arman wrote:

]Error: Don't deal with the stupid person - go IMMEDIATELY to their
]Stop talking to her! She can't or won't (or either) help you! Go over her
]head, as far and as adamantly as necessary - STOP BEING SUCH A NICE GUY -
]get them in your sights, squeeze the trigger, and repeat as necessary until
]the situation improves.

	i know a fellow who works on phone support for a 
	software company.  he handles only special calls:
	when the phone drone hears the caller use a certain
	set of words - lawyer is one of the main ones, the
	caller is immediately asked to hold and transferred
	to his department, where they do everything they can 
	(including lots of things the phone drones are not 
	authorized to do, as well as things the company wouldn't
	advertise that they do) to keep it from getting

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