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re: Sightings

>Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 16:20:13 EST
>From: DOUBLDz@aol.com
>Subject: Sightings
>Today I saw an S6, spotted the badge in the rear. I was quite pleased with
>myself. As I was stopped for the light in the left lane, I openly admired the
>car. The driver didn't even turn to notice. Some people just aren't into the
>cars they drive...but an S6? Geesh!

A few months ago I stopped to speak to a fellow--middle-aged, like me--who
was driving a nice, pearl '91 V8 5 spd. As we talked, I sensed a--shall we
say--"lack of enthusiasm" on his part (except he loved the car). When I
asked if he knew that his car's siblings in the USA could be numbered on
the fingers and toes of about 2 or 3 people, he was visibly shaken. He had
figured "V8s is V8s".

Phil Rose

'91 200q	Rochester, NY
'89 100		716-244-4274