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Re: Wanted: coupe interior

At 12:18 AM 2/26/99 -0800, John Karasaki wrote:
>BTW, our urq is silver, so the red leather seats I have in our '86 4kq
>would work in it.  However, I'd have to get all the trim pieces plated
>to match and buy some small, wide wheels that stick far past the
fenders to
>complete the look.  <I'm kidding!>

>those would be dayton wires with red lights shining on them.
>they work best if you cut a coil out of each spring.
>and it wouldn't be complete without the neon under the side skirts
>and the license plate frame with sequential lighting that comes on with
>brake lights...

actually the hot setup is to take out the springs all together.....just
kidding too
after all it's an Audi not a 72 Toyota Celica