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Re: blind zone stuff, any input?

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

> > i prefer to have the side of the car as a reference when glancing at the
> > side mirrors and it's also handy for viewing the lane striping when backing
> > into a tight parking spot.
> > 
> > frank
> looking over the file, it sounds like a great thing to try.  But I think
> I would miss the "normal" view when parking as Franks mentions.  Maybe
> memory mirrors that aim back inward (and down) when in reverse *would*
> be the trick after all...?

I've been driving with the mirrors way out for the past couple days and I
find it really does help while driving in traffic.  I live in NYC, so most
of my driving is in traffic that the average person never sees.  I also
have to parallel park (and can fit into a space with 2" clearance front
and back) and find that I can move the mirrors in when I'm parking.  I'll
be seeing how I like it on the highway tonight on my way to NH.