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Re:Forgot, (any Euro Listers want to meet for a Beer?)

> I may want to do that.
> 	I cant read German but if we can keep in touch then great.  Sounds
> like fun and I want to go see that track anyhow.  I'll probably only have
> time to be there for one day so let me know what day would be the best so
> I can plan.  Also, about how much will tickets be (US $ if you can but if
> not dont worry about it)
> ...
The best day to go is sat june 5. Ticket prices are not known yet but 
I estimate $25 for a single day including padock pass. Biggest 
problem is finding a hotel. The 24h race will draw a croud 
of 100000 or more visitors.

- Hans-Juergen Schneider
'93 S2 Avant 
'89 CQ 20V