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WE leaded or unleaded ?

I have been recently looking at some audi web pages and found one which has
an early 80's audi with the WE engine running on unleaded. (It had a
catalytic converter). I have the WE engine in my '81 5+5. Does this mean I
should be using unleaded in my engine also. The number on the side of the
cylinder head is 035 103 373H. Also it doesn't have a catalytic converter.
Does Anyone know what the power output of this engine is, my owners manual
shows a 1.9 Liter carburettor motor and rates that as 85Kw but my manual
doesn't have any info on the 2.1 liter. I have read that it is 96Kw or 100Kw
but I'm still not 100% sure. Also anyone have any pictures of the 5+5 2 door
version. I'd be interested to see what it looks like.

any help appreciated.


81' 5+5 4dr 182 000 Kms