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Re: What are these MBenz Lights?

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999 Kwattro@aol.com wrote:

> Whoa there buddy.  I agree with your application statement.  That is why I
> bought the diffused lens FOG LIGHTS, not the CLEAR driving lights.  If I had
> known I would come under such examination, I would have been more careful with
> my initial statement.  Maybe next time I should sandblast the lenses, then
> cover them in tint film.  Of course, I assumed the reason that I paid for them

	Ok,  I'm sorry.  Lately on the list there have been numerous
people that have said they had "Driving Lights" wired to their Parking
Lights so they could be on all the time so they could see when driving.
Some even wondered why people flashed them!  As stupid as that seems to
most of us, some people do it and even some "less informed" listers have
done that.  I was under the false assumption that you were one of them and
I was hell bent on correcting you as that is one of my Biggest Pet pieves.
	At any rate.  I still dont agree with your complaint about all
Hellas not being good.  Just because the 500 fogs are not good, doesn't
mean the Micro FF fogs or similar are No good.  I dont have much
experience with Hella "Fogs" except with a couple models and they all seem
fine.  My Catz are great.  I only wish I could get a replacement for the
broken one!!!  

> was to see.  I mounted in recommended location, and the 80 watt bulbs did not
> make a huge difference (Yes, I tried both ways....got down on the ground and
> looked at each one....).

	Why did you ahve 80w bulbs in a Fog instead of 55.  Usually you
dont want that much more light. 
	Also, as Phil said.  They were awfully close to the ground for
proper aiming.  BUT, I would think that a good fog would still have no
problem with this.  

>  My point is that people (specifically, other
> drivers) can be ignorant (hence, my statement about SUV lights, which tend to
> fall directly into my eyes - especially F150's and Exp.'s. )
> No need to chew me out.....

	Sorry.  YOu can take off the Fire Suit.  I guess I over reacted.
I'm just REally fed up with people running with Driving lights on ALL the
time.  Why do some people find it SO hard to get a Clue???  Saw a car the
other day with one REally Bright light and One dim one.  When he hit his
Lows the dim got REALLY bright and the Bright one got DIM!!!   Go figure.
A-Hole had them mis-wired or something. 
	I wish cops would spend more time giving people like THAT tickets
instead of me for going 8mph over the limit on a 55mph stretch of Country
2-lane with NO cars around, NO animals as far as eye can see, NO rain.  Me
in an Audi with Z-rated tires, a suspension set up for speed, Better than
stock brakes, and "some" driver training.  Just becuse my car is red.  Oh,
and the Jacked up Truck with 38" Mud Tires is safe at that speed??  Oh, I
forgot, the guy in the truck is officers In-Bred Cousin!
	Breath...Breath.   Hope your not in the Law enforcement business.
I know they are well intentioned they just drive me (us) nuts.
	Anyhow, sorry for the rant.  I better get off the Soap Box and
Study.  Grrr.
	Have a good night.