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Re: 200q warning light (still)

audi dealer carried generic voltage regulator for 19 bucks.  to save
time went with that rather than solder the brushes.

bad news is hooked up new regulator, checked exciter wire and
started it up.  alternator light still on.  alternator seems to be
spinning freely.

did the alternator indicator light troubleshooting from the bently
which said disconnect alternator wiring, turn on ignition, if light
does not light up, check alternator/voltage regulator.  light did
not light up during test.

hoping i don't need new alternator.


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From: Fred Munro +ADw-munrof+AEA-isys.ca+AD4-
To: Don +ACY- Lori +ADw-dell+AEA-pangea.ca+AD4AOw- quattro+AEA-coimbra.ans.net
Date: Sunday, February 28, 1999 12:43 PM
Subject: Re: 200q warning light

+AD4-Hi Don+ADs-
+AD4-    You unsolder the brushes from the regulator. The Audi brushes come as a
+AD4-kit - they have extra long shunts and a couple small flanges to let you
+AD4-the brush up against the spring and solder it. You then trim off the extra
+AD4-length of shunt. A nifty little kit, actually - I thought it was going to
+AD4-difficult to get the new brushes on until I saw the replacement kit.
+AD4-Fred Munro
+AD4-'91 200q  269k km
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+AD4-From: Don +ACY- Lori +ADw-dell+AEA-pangea.ca+AD4-
+AD4-To: Fred Munro +ADw-munrof+AEA-isys.ca+AD4AOw- quattro+AEA-coimbra.ans.net
+AD4-Date: Sunday, February 28, 1999 12:59 AM
+AD4-Subject: Re: 200q warning light
+AD4APg-Hi Fred
+AD4APg-pulled the voltage regulator and the one brush is
+AD4APg-6 mm and the other is 10 mm.  how do you get
+AD4APg-the brushes out of the regulator?
+AD4APg-is it possible to get these things at cdn tire?
+AD4APg-that way i don't have to wait for audi to open
+AD4APg-on monday.
+AD4APg-apprec. the help
+AD4APg------Original Message-----
+AD4APg-From: Fred Munro +ADw-munrof+AEA-isys.ca+AD4-
+AD4APg-To: Don +ACY- Lori +ADw-dell+AEA-pangea.ca+AD4AOw- quattro+AEA-coimbra.ans.net
+AD4APg-Date: Saturday, February 27, 1999 7:53 PM
+AD4APg-Subject: Re: 200q warning light
+AD4APgA+-Hi Don+ADs-
+AD4APgA+-    Sounds like the alternator is not charging. It could be the brushes
+AD4APgA+-worn out - this is what happened to mine. Replacement brushes are +ACQ-6 at
+AD4APgA+-friendly Audi dealer.
+AD4APgA+-    If the alternator is spinning and not charging, pull the voltage
+AD4APgA+-regulator and check the brushes.
+AD4APgA+-Fred Munro
+AD4APgA+-'91 200q  269k km
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+AD4APgA+-From: Don +ACY- Lori +ADw-dell+AEA-pangea.ca+AD4-
+AD4APgA+-To: quattro+AEA-coimbra.ans.net +ADw-quattro+AEA-coimbra.ans.net+AD4-
+AD4APgA+-Date: Saturday, February 27, 1999 2:00 PM
+AD4APgA+-Subject: 200q warning light
+AD4APgA+AD4-out driving my 1990 200q around in the wet slushly snow today.  i
+AD4APgA+AD4-briefly at a store.  when i restarted the car the battery light warning
+AD4APgA+AD4-light would not go out.  the parking brake warning light went dimmer
+AD4APgA+AD4-took the parking brake off, but it still lit.  also the voltmeter which
+AD4APgA+AD4-usually shows 14 volts
+AD4APgA+AD4-now shows 10 volts.
+AD4APgA+AD4-the auto check system is not displaying any warnings.  alternator and
+AD4APgA+AD4-appears ok.  brake fluid level
+AD4APgA+AD4-ok.  brakes work fine.
+AD4APgA+AD4-any thoughts on what to check appreciated