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Weirdest Thing: Air Compression / Fan Belts


    The weirdest thing I have ever seen occured today.  Since the big storm
this past weekend the Audi 4000 CS Quattro 1986 was coming up with this high
pitch noise that for the longest time I thought were bearings.  Today it was
so bad that I thought something was going to break then and there.  I found
out the bearings are fine but what I also found astonished me.  There is a
belt behind the alternator belt that goes to an air compressor (to the right
of the fuel injection, left and below the oil cap).  The belt was fine in
front of the engine but had been turned inside out in and stuck on the rim
in front of the air compressor.  Since over two years the belt had not been
touched nor was loose today at all.  The belt now has a center line that is
a silver metal color and is in working condition.

That ever happen to you before?