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Re: Why FWD?

This is NOT a quattro group it is an enthusiast's group about Audi's and
occasionally other fine autos......
I personally could not afford a quattro until last year but had 4
FWD Audi's b4 my current 4kq.... yes quattros are nice but a FWD
Audi is very similar.... 

As for 2 cents...

I tend to throw the 2 pennies on the ground rather than keep them in my pocket..
Especially in this case...
we do NOT need another flame war started!-<
Quit it NOW...
just because you have a quattro does not mean the guy with the
5000t fwdm or 4000 fwd doesn't belong here...
I started out with an '83 5kt fwd and felt more than welcome here. (thanks guys)

If you don't like the FWD bandwith delete the messages or uns*bscriBe or 
something do NOT start a war on this peaceful list...

Rich Andrews

'86 4kq

previous cars : '83 5kt, '84 5ks, '84 CGT, '86 CGT.... (all FWD!!!)

> If you don't believe this is a Quattro group...check the email address
> above....
> My two cents.
> Mohamed
> 88 Audi 90 QUATTRO
> Bring on the flame/hate mail!!