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Re: cruise control

> > [brake lights]
> > 
> > But if the brake lights don;t really have a
> > good ground, they will be grounded through the other rear light
> > circuits, this might overall be too high of a resistance for the cruise
> > to work.
>         Great theory Huw.  Makes me want to go look at my Brake lights.
> :-)
>         Anyhow, have a good night.


btw, the main reason I own Audis is that the principal problems sre with
the peripherals and electrics.  I can fix (almost) any of the electrical
problems, and the peripheral stuff doesn't stop the car.  the 5 cyl
engine runs forever and the transmissions go bad so rarely junkyards
throw them out.

Huw "a quattro is just a 2wd car in reverse going backwards and forwards
at the same time" Powell