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Re: cruise control

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

> [brake lights]
> it shouldn't.  but I'd fix it anyway, the ground could be a lot poorer
> than you think.  The circuit involves a signal from the control unti
> that goes thru the coast sw in the stalk, then the brake and clutch
> cutout switches, then through the brake lights to ground (as I remember,
> I think...) so the switches can get a bit dirty, say 50 ohms when
> closed, and still work, since they are grounding throught he resistance
> of the brake light bulbs.  But if the brake lights don;t really have a
> good ground, they will be grounded through the other rear light
> circuits, this might overall be too high of a resistance for the cruise
> to work.

	Great theory Huw.  Makes me want to go look at my Brake lights.
	Anyhow, have a good night.