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Re: Floating Brakes

>Fellow Audians;
>I've been reading about cars since about 1965.  Here's a phrase I do not
>understand: "two-piston floating calipers and two-piece floating
>discs."  If everything is "floating" what in the heck stops the car?
>TIA in for your collective help and wisdom.

Both the calipers and discs float laterally to reduce brake drag.  The
calipers are fixed so they don't rotate, and so are the discs...both may
only move towards or away from the centre of the car. When you apply the
brakes, the calipers are firmly attached to the car so that they don't spin
around the axle..but still float laterally.  The discs are attached such
that they too move laterally, but are firmly attached to the axle in terms
of rotating.

I don't know if I made that coherent...Working on a major paper..


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