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	>If you own a Quattro and own a FWD Audi, then please only post your
>Quattro stuff here.

This is a SHAME.  This list has been a wealth of untold value to hundreds of
Audi owners and with the sharing of parts, VW owners as well, almost all of
which are FWD.  This was intentionally injected to facilitate an irritation,
and I wish it hadn't been.  This list is incredible, many of us who write
have never met, yet we speak as friends, offer advice and special deals the
general public is not entitled to.  I honestly don't think ANYONE cares if
their Audi is Front or all wheel drive, although I prefer the later living
in upstate NY where I get to play with it.  This guy knew that Nomex
wouldn't even help him on that post, hopefully you will simply go away,
because I don't think I would help him at this point.

Gerry Engstrom
94 S4