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Re: Drive train slop...

If you jack up a rear wheel of my QSW and leave the other three on the ground,
you can turn the rear wheel almost a quarter turn. Looking under the car while
doing this reveals that most of the slop is in the center diff/transmission. If
anybody knows of a way to fix this, I'd love to hear it.
    So... me too! : )

Myke456@aol.com wrote:

> I've recently noticed (87 5kcsTQ) the following when I back off the pedal. A
> second or 2 after the initial feel of deceleration (drivetrain turning the
> engine) there is an additional sensation of the same. Almost like a light tap
> on the brakes a second after the initial deceleration feeling.
> This reliable old gal is at the 236k mark and I'm assuming it's play in all
> the original trans/diff components. There are no noises or clunks. The clutch
> and center shaft bearing are good (been there already).
> Any ideas or input is welcomed.
>   ([____]=====OOOO=====[____])   87 5kcsTQ, 236k miles
>  []]]]]]]][Mike Aiello][[[[[[[]     original owner
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