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Got Pulled over last night, FUNNY!!!!! No Audi..

Ok, cops were out in force last night in RI, and I got out of wrok at about
11:15PM, went to a friends house, and finally started the trip home at about
1AM, about 7 miles.  I passed a cop in third gear at about 50 in a 45 with my
Rabbit GTi (Techtonics exhaust, empty cat, no resonator....a bit loud.)  He
didn't come after me.  Then another cop passed me.  About two miles up the
road, he was pulled over clocking.  I idled by him, he pulled out, but went
the other way.  I went through my local rotary, again pulling in 3rd at about
4000rpms, the sweet spot in that car where noise and go come together.  I hit
50, slowed down.  About a mile up the road, I noticed lights gaining on me.
Always not wanting to give the police a reason to pull me over, I took the
next turn, the car followed me.  Lights flashed.  Narragansett trooper.  My
window doesn't role down, so I shut off the car, turned on my interior light
and opened my door, quick to explain that my window doesn't role down.  He
walks up and says "That exhaust is a bit loud, don't you think?"  It sets off
car alarms.  "No"  I replied.  "It's a TT exhaust, 50 state legal."  He
chuckled, looked at the sticker on my car, and asked me to start it.  I
complied.  He responded, "I don't know how the hell you got this car past
inspection...."  Neither do I....He let me go, just busting my balls...

I'm chuckling now, was a bit upset last night.
Carter J