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RE: loose ceiling liner.

I have been trying to replace the headliner in Andrea's car for some time now.
Here is a list of what I have tried to use as adhesive.  This car has a cardboard
shell that the fabric was attached to.

Contact rubber cement -  spread on both sides
Elmer's Wood glue
3M spray adhesive - $9
Hot glue gun - the type for crafts

All have failed.  I am moving onto surfboard resin next. :)

I have noticed while at the car store that there is a headliner replacement
product that is cloth on one side and foam on the other.  It runs about $30.  I
think that will be my next bet.



Todd Young wrote:

> "P-O Selander (EUS)" wrote:
> > Parts of this weekend was spent on fixing the old car, 89 100E.
> >
> > Loose ceiling liner was reglued (somewhat). The stuff (foam deteriorated by
> > UV and old glue) up there is MESSY beyond belief. My repair will not hold up
> > for long, but hopefully until a sunny summer/spring day. And, I actually
> > might rip it out completely and paint the hard shell instead. Possibly
> > easier to get it to look nice since the liner will be VERY hard to clean out
> > on the back side and stretch even so it covers the whole thing...
> Just thought of something and thought I would pass it on. For all of you with
> headliners coming loose, here's an alternative.  Mr. Selander's comment about
> painting the hard shell made me think, "Not a bad idea, but you would lose
> sound insulation." Then I thought of a product on the market that would cover
> the metal, provide sound insulation, and look good as it is available in
> multiple colors. What I'm refering to is the new spray in bed liner material
> available for pickup truck beds. This stuff is supposed to be available in a
> "roll-on" form also. With the proper prep, and application, you could have a
> nice looking headliner, that you wouldn't have to worry about re-glueing again
> in a few years.
> HTH, somebody.
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