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Re: Why FWD? AND Sunroof/model questions.

Nameless lister said:

>  Maybe Mohammed is really a
>> Middle Eastern Terrorist and likes to watch people fight.  Who knows.
>> That would explain his eagerness to start an argument and get Flamed
>> though. :-)

Mohamed replied:

>Don't go there.

Well put Mohamed.


Manditory audi content:

I'm currently researching which type of quattro I want to purchase come
fall. Since the UR-Q fell through, I figure I should start from scratch.

Surfing the net I have been able to find the following models in my price
range (max 6k CDN). Note, I only want a quattro...not prejudice(!) but
heading into rallying...

Okay, following models: 5kq weeded out...too big!

4kq, and all the other 4k-insert-letters-here

here's the questions:

I'm tall. 6'4".  Which models of the above cars are availible _without_ a
sunroof?  Roll cage + sunroof = illegal for my height (not enough

Other dumb question:  In the above audis, if I remove the rear seats, is
the floor shaped, or flat underneath? I'll explain why I ask if anyone
wants to know...

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4