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Re: Why FWD?

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Mohamed El-Rouby wrote:

> Uh, maybe your a white-trash, dope-smoking, shotgun carrying , Ricki lake
> contestent, sister-screwin' redneck that likes to fight as well.  I'm suprised
> you can spell Audi, let alone own one.
> Why don't you hurt us by stop filling your car with our gas?
> Don't go there.

	Ooooo, fighting words.  First of all, I can spell just fine, only
smoke rubber, and if I see you or any comment obout your home land in a
sentence about scrwing my sister then I may just want to fight like bloody
red-neck with a shotgun.  Maybe I'll even shoot your ass ON Ricky Lake. 
	As for buying your stinky gas, if you have a problem with it dont
sell it.  Then next time a fucking war breaks out over there dont come
crying home because your whole fucking family just killed itself off.  I'm
happy where I am, dont care where my gas came from, and will be happy to
drive an Electric car day to day when the prices come down a little and I
live in a city.  
	YOU are the one that asked for flame war.  Hmm, asking for war?
Thats a new one.  I was slamming you not your homeland (I dont even know
for sure WHAT Country you originated from) but I'm merely speaking my
words to you just as I would if you came into my home and started saying
my Family should split up because of our differences in choices or beliefs
or because one of us coulnt afford somethign someone else might be able
to.  YOu started the fight, I merely chimed in.  
	If you have a problem with the way this list is run, LEAVE.  We
are all very happy, many of us are friends and get along great. Quattro or
Not.  I'm really not Racist toward cars or country (contrary to what some
of my comments may imply).  But I do love this list and resent you coming
in here looking for a fight.  If you want a fight, go Home and have one.
Dont bring one to this list that I proudly belong to.
	Oh, yea. ANd if you think FWD cars are So BAd then I urge you to
come to a Race Track some time for one of our events.  Last event I was at
had a fwd naturally aspirated coupe that was running up the tailpipes of
the 4ktq and ur-q's, and A4 quattro's that were there.  This was on the
straight and in the corners so I doubt he had a big disadvantage and I was
happy to see him there.

	Have fun fighting fire with fire

3-personal quattros
1-fwd 5kt