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4000 Quattro and other stuff...

Just a few questions, like always....Car involved is an 87 4kq

1.) Heater Core - I've got coolant in the passenger footwell and have been 
advised by the list that it's a leaky heater core or hose attached to 
aforementioned heater core.  Does anyone have detailed removal and 
installation instructions for this?  I'd like to do the assist with my 
mechanic and neither of us are very smart...

2.) Oil Temp Sending Unit - I have a leak above a piece behind a 
conglomeration of belts near the front of the engine, in front of the oil 
pan.  I can identify the piece as a rubber-booted oil temp sending unit 
with a wire popping out the bottom.  I'm going to replace this and see if 
the leak stops.  Anyone done this and what can I expect?

3.) Suspension - As soon as the taxes come in, I'll be paying off the bills 
and getting a new suspension on Suzanne.  What is involved in the ball 
joint replacement?  They've never been changed before....Tie rod 
ends?  I'll be doing the Boge TG-H&R springs treatment and I was 
thinking....Someone on this list makes custom made lift kits for Audi's and 
he says he could make me a 1" rear lift for the saggy ass of my 4kq....I 
think it'll look better and (ego) a little more aggressive.  Anyone think 
this is a good/bad idea?

4.) Rims and Tires - As soon as "confirmed Spring" is here...I'll be 
looking for a new set of rims and tires to go on Suzanne.  Something with a 
nice performance edge and something that looks nicer than the stock 
multi-spoke greyish uglies that Audi chose to put on this car.  I was 
looking at the Blaufernugen site, and I saw some nice 16" rims and 
tires.  What can I expect as to price/performance?  How will they handle in 
the frequent spring storms?  A moderately light car on a larger contact 
patch doesn't seem to have a good chance from NOT hydroplaning.  Any place 
that has a great price on a package deal?

5.) Differential - My rear diff will STILL not unlock after about 2 weeks 
of staying locked.  It's getting to be annoying when I reverse or go around 
slow corners, the skip-skip is getting to me.  I've been told to check the 
vacuum lines, but I really have no idea where they are...I'm only useful in 
summer and I don't have a lift.

I'd appreciate anything that anyone has to add or say about this list....


Brendan Barry
Quincy, Massachusetts
1987 Audi 4000 Quattro
Tornado Red, with grey cloth interior
K&N Filter
ATE Powerdics
Steel brake lines (soon)
H&R-Boge TG-Strut Brace (soon)