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Re: seeking general info on 86 Coupe GT

To steal a old saying, They will get my 86 coupe away from me when they pry
the steering wheel out of my cold dead hands.   I would not say it is the
funnest Audi I have driven, I think my 1.6 bar 5kcstq is, but it is up at
the top.  As far a comparing it to a camero or mustang, both are quicker but
neither will ever be as fun to drive.  Lets just say I love mine and would
not trade it for any other sports car of equal value.


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From: James Kittock <kittock@interval.com>
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Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 6:45 PM
Subject: seeking general info on 86 Coupe GT

>A co-worker has an 86 Coupe GT with about 85K miles for sale.
>I'm not too familiar with older Audis.
>Is this a decent car?  A fun car?
>Is there a better way to spend $2000 - $3000?
>Other thoughts?