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RE: 4000 Quattro and other stuff..

>#2&3 - I think you said you wanted BOge TG with H&R springs and 16"
>wheels.  DOnt.  With the higher spring rates and extra weight of 16"
>wheels most people I have talked to think the TG is over worked with

Sigh...My thoughts exactly...I was hoping to get some gold trim around the 
license plate and fuzzy curtains for the back window....But I guess I'll 
just go with the 15" wheels.

>#4 - Diff Lock.     FOr now, untill you have time to find the problem,
>back car up onto curb or jack up and support, then crawl under and on
>passenger side of REar DIff is the actuator lever that locks it.  Its
>stuck in one position to move it the other way with car started and switch

I know I'm going to get wet on the ground....

Brendan Barry
Quincy, Massachusetts
1987 Audi 4000 Quattro
Tornado Red, with grey cloth interior
K&N Filter
ATE Powerdics
Steel brake lines (soon)
H&R-Boge TG-Strut Brace (soon)