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RE: 4000 Quattro and other stuff..

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Brendan/Coolian wrote:

> Well, I originally had dunlops on my car...When I made the fated "13 1/2 
> hour trip to Montreal in a blizzard" and I came out ok...These Goodyear 
> TR/GA mix is ok, but I just loved my Dunlops...I think I'll get 15" rims 
> from a local dealer (Alloy rims with 4 chunk design, similar to 3 chunk 
> SAAB wheels, and they're called "Quattro" Muhahahhahaha!)

	WHat Dunlops.  Must have been D60's.  Those are good All-Weather
Tires but we all know the disadvantages of tires that try to DO IT ALL.
:-)   I'll tell you, the difference between D60s and a REAL TIRE is
amazing.  In town I can take corners as fast as I will let myself.  Great
fun with passengers who you want to scare the hell out of taking near
hairpins at 45.  Or 45mph corners through montana at 90-100. :-)  I just
need a better suspension (hence the coilovers) as when I'm pushing it hard
with my 15's at high speed with stock springs and Boge TG it gets a Little
unsettled still.  My friends 5ktq with Konis and 400lb Coil Overs NEVER
gets unsettled.  Even at 130+

> >        Yep, sure will. :-)  Stick a plastic tarp under car before you
> >crawl under it.
> Weeeeeeeell, I just did this....Or TRIED doing it....but I couldn't slide 
> my fat head under her....No off-color comments please....

	FInd a bigger curb.  OR a bigger Jack. :-)  ITs worth it, trust

> Well, i can snag some DOT SS/kevlar/Teflon/whatever the hell ones for 
> around 80 here....I was wondering though, how difficult are these things to 
> put on?

	Its easy.  Very easy.  I put a balloon over Brake fluid resivoir
and then put cap back on minus the center thing that tells you if you get
low, then I took or one line at a time.  You'll lose some fluid but not as
much as if you drained all the fluid.  Althogh this works too.  Open
bleeders over night and when you come back in the moring, change lines and
fill back up and bleed.  This is easy if you can leave it in a garage
	obviously you'll have to bleed either way but the Baloon trick
just keeps the mess down so you dont have fluid leaking all over the
place.  ANd KEEP that FLUID away from your PAINT>  :-)

> Making your own?  Freak.
> I'm going to be using a SParco strut brace I just got in the mail today 
> from a good guy on the list....*God to go get a money order for him*

	Yep.  I dont want to spend the $100 - $200 on a new one when I can
build one myself for about $50 or less.  Plus a bunch or my worthless time
fabricating and welding.  I think Martin also built his own unit for his
old Coupe.  Mine will look much cooler than his but I'm sure they will
both work just as well.  Not a hard thing to go.  I'm just using Thick
wall 2" Aluminum Tubing for mine.