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RE: 4000 Quattro and other stuff..

>        WHat Dunlops.  Must have been D60's.  Those are good All-Weather
>Tires but we all know the disadvantages of tires that try to DO IT ALL.
>:-)   I'll tell you, the difference between D60s and a REAL TIRE is

The tire testosterone is squirting....I'm running the OEM multi-spoked rims 
right now, so my choices are limited...I'll be going to the 15's, so my 
Dunlop world will probably open up...I live up in New England, so I'll need 
strong, good-looking, inexpensive 15" rims and nice all-seasons...*I know I 

> Well, i can snag some DOT SS/kevlar/Teflon/whatever the hell ones for
>> around 80 here....I was wondering though, how difficult are these things to
>> put on?
>        Its easy.  Very easy.  I put a balloon over Brake fluid resivoir
>and then put cap back on minus the center thing that tells you if you get

My mechanic says *insert really thick Asian accent here* "Oh boy, BIG JOB, 
BIG job"...Are we saying this is not true?  I doubt he lied, probably just 
doesn't know...I thought the brake lines went all the way down to the 
calipers....Was I wrong?

Brendan Barry
Quincy, Massachusetts
1987 Audi 4000 Quattro
Tornado Red, with grey cloth interior
K&N Filter
ATE Powerdics
Steel brake lines (soon)
H&R-Boge TG-Strut Brace (soon)