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Re: I-5 10v NA power?

Todd Phenneger writes:
> Not.  It is, just for more money than a turbo motor is.  I belive
>Mik has a coupe with over 150hp and there is Red coupe in the NW that is
>FAST.  In fact, Pat Martin with his 4ktq (stock boost) and John Karasaki
>with his (then stock ur-q) had this guy running up their tail pipes on the
>straight away, (and in the corners) at a local track event.  Now that John
>has a k-24 I doubt the coupe could challenge him but with the stock ur-q
>it could  It is 500 lbs lighter so with 150hp it was FAST.  THink Corrado

Is that red Coupe owned by list-member Gary Erickson??  If so, then that
is not a N/A engine, but a full-on MC 10v turbo conversion.  As fast as
John's K-24 urq is, I doubt it can pull away from Gary's Coupe when he
has the boost pressure cranked up.  200hp in a car that is over 500lbs.
lighter than an urq is a potent combination on the track (goodness, I
would love to have my urq engine in my Coupe GT).  Perhaps someone who 
has seen Gary's car in action can comment on it.

So, if you REALLY want horsepower, then a turbo conversion is THE way
to go.  You simple cannot make a n/a 10v engine produce the kind of
power that a 10v turbo easily generates without extensive money and
work.  Gary Erickson, Pat Martin, Martin Pajak, and Mike Tipton can
all attest to that fact, based on experience, in regards to the
Coupe GT/4Kq.

I took the easy way out, and just bought a Coupe with a factory 
installed turbo engine.  ;-)

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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