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Re: filth around plugs...

In message <mailstart.3/5/99.13025.06.> gerard@dockside.co.za writes:

> Anyway, what is wrong with the plugs that causes the fluid
> around the seats?

This is a bit like navel lint (or belly-button fluff, to give it its
proper name).  It comes from nowhere.

You can degrease a head, degrease a plug, screw one into the other and
a thousand miles later, the plug threads are soaked in 'oil'.

I think it must just be that the threads are not gas-tight.  Fuel
mixture gets pushed into the first fraction of a millimetre during
compression, and then gets rammed home by the power stroke.  I think
it's a condensate of some sort.

The grit is something to worry about.  I carry a small stiff paintbrush
to brush around plugs before I take them out.

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