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RE: 5000 vs 200 TQ Avant

Dan said;

> The later 200 models had a driver's side airbag, updated dash with wood
> trim, Torsen centre diff, dual knock sensor motor, and BBS wheels.  The
> later motor (89.5 and on...check the vin) has dual knock sensors, a k24
> turbo, higher compression, better cam, better pistons, lighter flywheel,
> two peice exhaust manifold
The 2-piece mainfold was not factory installed on any turbo (that I know
of).  While I was looking for a 2-piece for the 88 5kcstq, I looked at an 89
tq, a 90 tq, and a 91 200t (non-q).  None of them had the 2-piece manifold.
I figured that if the 91 200t (non-q) didn't have it, it was never factory
installed in the states.  Some of the cars DO have them.  I believe these
are warranty returns or owner replacements (like mine).
Of course, YMMV,

Gary Lewis 
88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 110km Pearl w/Fuchs, K24 turbo, 2-piece EM
86 5kcstqw Sapphire and Platinum, stock 
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