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Pre-purchase on a quattro in Contra Costa...

Hi All,

Is anyone local to Contra Costa (925 area code) that can look at a quattro
for me?

The ad reads:

> AUDI '88 5000CS
> Turbo Quattro silver w/silver lthr., high mi., GREAT SHAPE!
> $3500/obo (925) 939-2148

I called and left a message, but so far no call back.  It may not be helping
that I am in Seattle.

Seems like a good price.  If the car is sound, I'd be very interested.

Also, if any of you have purchased cars from far away through an
intermediate, can you tell me about how it works.  I assume I give some kind
of deposit to 'my' local representative and they arrange for the car

I am thinking I would like a once over report from someone who is familiar
with Audi's and their quirks.  If this is satisfactory we would arrange to
have the car inspected by a local mechanic.  Then I would come down and
drive it back to Seattle.  Everything would be wonderful.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA