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Re: FW: Cartridge Tool

"Frank J. Bauer" <frankbauer@thevine.net> wrote:
> At 12:31 PM 3/9/99 -0700, Ken Keith wrote:
> >I happen to be looking for the socket type tool that is used to remove the 
> >threaded  and slotted collar that holds the strut bearing/spring cap to the 
> >strut shaft.  Anyone got any info about that one?
> >
> >I used to use a needle nose vice grip vertically, but it's too tight for
> >that.  Time for the real thing I guess.
> this is also a vw tool, so you can get this from many of the vw aftermarket
> vendors. your other option is to take a dremel or a grinder to a 14mm deep
> socket and and remove part of the end so that only the two opposing teeth are
> left...

I am considering doing that.  All the local places didn't have the tool.  I 
checked my Zelenda catalog, and they listed something for around $35.  The tool 
might be different than what I need though.  The picture in the tool catalog I 
looked at in a tool store that didn't have it matched perfectly, however.