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88 90q whine from the front when cold + thanks

Dear listers,
Could someone please advise me on the following:

A few days ago (about a week, actually) we noticed that the car makes a
whining sound when cold. It has since been doing  it  consistently for
about 5-10 minutes until it warms up, then the sound goes away. The pitch
roughly follows the rpms but not too closely, and it seems to be coming
from the front of the engine.

I replaced the timing belt and the water pump last october. Could it be the
water pump? I heard that they sometimes can be noisy. Mine came from local
United Imports parts store. The other possibility I guess could be the
timing belt itself, however, I doubt it would start whining  after
stretching a little. I don't think I overtightened the belt when I put it on.
If someone can describe what a typical water pump /timing belt noises are,
please let me know. I would sure hate to have to get in there again. Can it
be something else? What is a good strategy to pinpoint the location of the
noise source?

THanks a bunch, Andrei

please cc to abk@phy.duke.edu

I have temporarily usub'd and have been trying to subscribe to digest, with
little luck. I don't get the authentication key for some reason...

BTW, many thanks to everyone who responded to my questions regarding doing
the front shocks! You all where a big help. If anyone is planning to do
that job for the first time, e-mail me and I'll forward you the responses
that I got from list members that where most helpful. It turned out to be a
much simpler job than I expected.