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Power Lock Vacuum Splice Location?

I had a scare recently. The power locks on my '88 5kcstq have been flaky
for the few months that I have owned it. Then the passenger side rear
door lock pull got very loose and does not unlock the door. The power
locks then stopped working at all. Then the drivers side lock pull in
the rear also broke. Guess what? No way to open either rear doors so no
way to get inside them to fix the locks. Sort of a catch 22. Luckily a
blast of pressurized air to the green air hose for the trunk lock popped
both rear door locks open. I left the hose in the trunk undone so they
won't possibly lock again from the central locking system. I was able to
find the pump and it blows about 10 or 15 psi and sucks about 15mm so
seems good. The "T" by the air pump under the seat splits 4 ways: the
pump, the trunk, left doors and right doors. I figured out that one of
the doors on the right side of the car has an air leak. 
    What I need to know is where is the "T" between the two doors is
located and how can I get at it? Is there a part in the lock pull that
typically fails? I can pull the locks up and down easily. They are still
connected to _something_, but definately looser than they should be.
Also, any tricks to getting the rear door panels off? My Bentley has not
arrived yet.