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Re: New type turbo in SCC


Garrett calls it a "HydraCharger", simply a turbocharger in which the
exhaust driven impeller is replaced by a hydraulically driven impeller.

The _______ charger is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100,000 rpm in
1 sec. ALMOST totally eliminating lag.(for those hair splitters who may
be present) 8^)

The underhood temps would be near those of an NA vehicle. I doubt the
housing will ever glow as they do on exhaust driven "turbos". Resulting
in a cooler charge. The heat produced by compressing the air charge
would be greatly reduced,since the medium used to turn the wheel would
be at a temperature far lower than EGT.

It's not a "free ride".There is parasitic drag to contend with.( And if
you use a pump designed by "team doorhandle") your YMMV.

The benefits IMHO being lower temps,flexibility regarding location,since
the hydraulic side remains the same any TC can be used, can be made to
work at a very low "engine rpm" since the output of the pump can be more
easily controlled.

"Ther is the responsiveness of a positive displacement supercharger, the
compressor efficiency of a turbocharger, and ease of packaging that is
unparalled".  TechnoBabble SCC page 11 April 99.