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Re: call me crazy, but...

Hairy green toads from Mars made c a l i b a n say:

> ]> A trailer hitch on a sports car?  Actually, if you read the Owners
> ]> Handbook, Audi specifically mention 'towing' as one of the things the
> ]> ur-quattro is especially suited for.
> ]
> ]Funny, in the owner's manual for my '95 A6QW, it says
> ]that towing is "something the car was not designed for"
> ]and to bear that in mind when fitting a trailer hitch.
> 	'83 ur-quattro != '95 a6qw
> 	our owners manuals probably say lots of different things.

Agreed, but it seems ironic that a little turbo "sports" car
(let's not get too deeply into that word) would handle this
but the big "family" car (or too deeply into that one either)
won't handle it.

Just found it amusing.


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