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5000Q for Sale in WA

I have a friend who is selling his '87 5000Q.  It has 130k on it and is a 5
speed.  It has a sunroof, AC, power seats, the whole shooting match.  Don't
think it is leather though.  I believe the color is silver.  I have driven
the car several times.  He is not an Audi fanatic, but does take good care
of his cars (unless he repaired it, it has one fairly minor dent at the back
left part of the rear fender near the tail light).  He has had it for about
45k or so miles and about 4 years.  It believe some of the suspension is new
as well as the brakes and tires.  It has some kind of aftermarket wheels. 
Don't remember what though.  He is asking $4200, but "secretly" told me he
would take $3500.

I have no interest in the car.  Just letting you know.

It is in Spokane Washington.  You could call him direct if you have
interest.  Lou is his name.  509.448.6738 is his number.