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Re: ABS Sensor

You need to replace the plastic spacer that goes on the end of the ABS wheel
speed sensor. These must be replaced if you pull the sensor out something
lots of shops overlook. You can get them from the dealer for about 1$ each.
You simply place one at the end of the sensor before inserting it=)
Good luck,
Mike Guidotti 87 5000 tq
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From: Jeffrey Mudrick <jmudrick@earthlink.net>
To: quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 1999 9:26 PM
Subject: ABS Sensor

>I had the local shop (mistake #1) install new Eibachs and tires on my '87
>5000csq; they lower the car nicely, and I'm happy enough with them. Problem
>is my "ABS off" light now comes on after a few minutes of driving. Punching
>the switch will shut it off again, but just for a few mintutes.  The local
>dealer (not terribly trustworthy in my experience) says I should replace
>both front ABS sensors at $150+labor each side.  It seems to me a
>coincidence that the light comes on only after the tire shop got their
>on the car.
>Anyone have problems/thoughts about these ABS sensors?
>       Jeff
>'87 5kcsq
>lousy 1.3 bar