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Re: Speeding Tips was:VW Sport Icwewaterfest

yeah dwight, I second that and more.  i had a case that i only got advice from a
lawyer on - exactly what to say in court, etc.  when i did that, i got a nasty
glare from the 'magistrate' and snickers from the cops and was subsequently ignored
and screwed.  the general attitude was 'don't try to be intelligent about the law,
only real lawyers are allowed to do that'.

and on the same day, several others got off in front of me using the 'i'm just a
poor moron' approach.  including one spoiled brat in a vanity plate boyracer
trustmobile who showed up with his daddy and claimed he never saw the 40mph speed
limit after he got off the highway.  10 f'ing miles of 'didn't notice the signs'
apparently.  kid gets off clean.  most unrighteous, dudes.

Dwight Varnes wrote:

> I personally still advise using a lawyer as I've been railroaded in



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