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Re: Magstar and Magnecor: same wire?

In message <mailstart.3/11/99.3896.887.> gerard@dockside.co.za writes:

> Audi wanted $100+ for leads with real Bosch endcaps and
> 90-degree bend suppressed boots. I had Magstar leads
> made for the car. They're 8mm stainless steel wound
> wires. Apparently it is the same as Magnecor wires. The
> end terminals are not Bosch fittings, but are some hefty
> looking stainless pieces (as compared to the small plug
> that goes into the 90-degree boots on the distributor
> end of the Bosch stuff).

'Real' Bosch caps are 5kOhm at the plug end and 1kOhm at the distributor

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