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Cold Start Problems

I diagnosed my low end power problems  on my "new" 86 4KCSQ to be bad idle
mixture setting. The car was idling at ~1400 RPM and was accelerating like it
was set_way_too_rich. I leaned up the mixture and the car runs soooo much
better. Idles at ~ 950 - 1000 RPM and power is back. Driving around town is
much smoother and I became happier than a pig in S%^&. 

Well, now for the problem. Started the car this morning (fairly cold but not
freezing) - or should I say tried to start the car. Took probably 20 attempts
then a go. What happened was car turned over, ran for half a second and died.
Repeatedly. Acted as if it were gas starved. Finally, it started and held,
with the gas pedal depressed a bit, and ran all the way to work like a dream.
Think it is the cold start valve!?

Questions: What to check?
                 I am running a can of Techron currently. How does this enter
the equation? Does it have anything to do with the pinging I have noticed
since my adjustment, or is this just a timing issue. Don't think it's the gas
(92 octane).
                 After checking, what to repair/replace re: cold start valve.

That's about it. Thanks guys for educating me to this point. Now how bout
getting me to the next level.

With great appreciation to this list,