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Re: Porsche, Audi driver mag, & Autozone

Dan Simoes wrote:

> As a catchall, I've registered another name that is not brand-specific
> and would apply to all automobiles.  I've even thought about leaving
> my job and trying to make the site work on a large scale.
> I'll keep you posted if that happens.  One concern for me is the lack
> of identity - "audifans" tells you right away what it's about, but
> the other name, being more generic, does not.
> If I want to keep the name Audi-specific, but non-trademarked,
> I have two choices - 4rings.org or vier.org (vier is german for
> 4, get it?)

How about "owdifans.com" or "owdeefans.com", sounds the same, but not spelled
the same, therefore no trademark infringement.

(This comes from being German with an original sirname of "Jung" which was
changed by my grandfather to "Young", sounds the same, but the current spelling
is less confusing to us dumb Americans.)

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