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RE: tons of audis

	>list I would not have bought the A8. Perhaps Dan should forward
this note to
	>AOA. If we had to depend on the dealers to keep are cars up, they
would not
	>have much of a USA market.

	AoA is part of reason why Audi doesn't got much of a USA market.
	increased sales are purely due to the cars' own merit -- not AoA,
not Audi
	Dealers of U.S.
	... agreed!  I was talking to a fellow Audi fan who got to spend a
few days in Ingolstadt recently and actually managed to become well
acquainted with some of the marketing types there.  Apparently he was asked
what he thought about AoA ... he told me that he gave them a good earful.  I
truly hope that the person was really listening ...

	Steve Buchholz
	San Jose, CA (USA)