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Re: Oil Smell 91 200TQ Again!


Hose to thermostat housing: 447 121 055B (tightening clamps won't help?)

Some drops of oil down the front of the oil pan is what I saw when my PS
pump started to leak. At first I, too, thought engine oil from front seal.
So be sure to check all around the underside of the PS pump to make sure
it's not leaking at one of the many seals.


>Beautiful day, 40s, I'm lying under the Audi peacefully enjoying the melting
>snow.  I look up and see that the line from the pump to the bomb is wet and
>it has a little drop hanging on the bend and the reservoir is at min.  Seems
>to be originating from the junction that Bentley labels the damper hose.  I
>remember a thread about repairing hoses at hydraulic equipment facilities.
>With the complexity of this one is that advised?  Any part numbers?
>I also found the very small coolant leak which has required a monthly top
>up.  It's the u shaped hose from radiator to thermostat housing.  Any part
>number there?
>I do see a trace of engine oil at the front of the oil pan.  I assume this
>is the front seal but it could be the pressure line sharing it's wealth.  I
>guess we'll take it one at a time.
>The right side is fairly clean.  I don't think my drive flange seals are
>leaking yet.  Knock on Zebrano.
>Any tips or tricks about R&R of that pressure line would be very much
>John Heath

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