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What to do now..


I have USAA also.  While I have been satisfied with my homeowner policy, (i had
a gazebo damaged by snow), their auto side, while better than most, still 
doesn't really understand audi's and the potential for 200k miles.

When my 865kcstq was damaged/totaled, not my fault, i called them to get their 
opinion on the value of my car since i wasn't happy with where the other 
insurance company started $$ wise. it was probably around $2500 and they thought
i did well to get $3100 and keep the car.

My suggestion is to keep going up the management chain until you are satisfied.
Unfortunately, that is the only way to get some of these places to increase
a settlement.  You have to keep moving up until you get someone who is 
authorized to pay more than the standard numbers.  As a matter of fact, that 
would be one of the questions I would ask before explaining/documenting to the
next person in the chain.  If they say they aren't authorized to increase the 
dollar amount, just ask for their manager/supervisor until you get someone with
the correct authority.  Otherwise your are wasting time explaining everything to

Another tip:  When they said my car was hi-mileage at 135k, I said 'not really,
that's less than 10k per year'


19865kcstq - lots of left front damage 
	     anybody want to donate a set of headlights??