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RE: Wasted Audi..::sigh::

I think this falls under the heading of  "why buy the cow if you can get the
milk for free" category.

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> Sent:	Tuesday, March 16, 1999 4:33 PM
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> Subject:	Wasted Audi..::sigh::
> I was driving to work today, and right before I pulled into the parking
> lot, a
> Audi 200tq20v caught my eye.  I can't believe it!  A Audi 200tq20v!!  I
> never
> seen on this close before.  I pulled off the road and started looking
> inside
> and comparing it to my Audi 200 10v  (Nice flared Fenders)  While I was
> looking at it, a girl about 22 years old starts talking me and turns out
> its
> HER CAR!  
> "I don't like it.  Its a manual transmission, but I like the CD display on
> the
> dash and the vanity mirrors has lights"(actually I threw in the vanity
> mirror
> one in, but I think it must have been running though her mind).  I almost
> died
> when she said that. 
>  I said, "Do you know the potential of this car??"  She replies, "I don't
> like
> to drive fast and I wish I had a Automactic instead"  
> By now I'm ready to fork over my slushbox to her and take her keys.  But
> instead, I got her phone number and asked her out on a date.(hee hee)  
> HEY!  If I can't own a 200tq20v, I can go out with one that drives one. ;)
> Jason C
> Audi 200t10v
> Redmond WA