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RE: Wow - A4 Avant

Just to clear up something the persn who was drivin the A4 Avant was my
dad.. and the car was in our driveway.. not my firends.

Anand Dhanda
A.K.A. Technik
'98.5 A4 2.8QMS

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Well got home after helping a friend decide on a computer and a very nice
dinner to find a nice 1999 Silver A4 Avant 2.8 FWD Tiptronic in the
driveway... Hmmm.. Well I knew that he was getting is A4 serviced(routine
oil change) so I guess the guy left it as a loner... Went inside told him we
were driving it and dragged him outside (10:15PM). This was my first ride in
a tiptronic or a FWD audi. We make it half way up our hill (the whole time I
am telling him about ASR, or lack there of) when I push the ASR button(as I
was instructed by my dad) and he floors it... Let me tell you that our hill
is covered w/ dirt/sand from our last snow storm... I have never been so
scared since my dad "tried" to drive his ES300 in the snow!!! The tranny
immediately down shifted (SCARY!) and the tires broke loose.. a quick lift
off the throtle solved everything... atleast untill he tried to drive the
car in Manual mode... He is used to his A4 Stick so when he tried to shift
to 2nd he knocked the lever out of Manual mode, into auto, and all the way
down!!! The ride home was in auto mode :-)

Sorry for WOB
Anand Dhanda
A.K.A. Technik
'98.5 A4 2.8QMS