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Re: Calling Canadian Listers

No import speed shops in Regina? Hmm...well, I'd try Ron's Parts in B.C.
first, I guess. Ask the kiddies with their Honda/Acura/Boy racers where the
get their parts. They'll at least get you wheels.

Brokerage fees depends on who actually ships it. I know UPS is $50-60, can't
recall which.

A very accuate rule of thumb to use is take the price you see advertised in
U.S. $, and double it. I've found this pretty true from an "in your hands"
price point of view. Frankly, I can get almost everything cheaper up here. I
won't even get into what happens if you have a warranty issue with something
bought from a foreign county. You can basicly butter it and eat it.

Got a good deal once on a turn signal swith from Chris Semple, $110 US,
about $200CDN in my hands, but (this is key) he shipped it postal. Cheap,
and no "brokerage fee".

Stephen Bigelow
e-commerce/ Business Development
IBO # 823967

>Hi all,
>Unfortunately where I am located (Regina, Saskatchewan) there is little
>in terms of parts/service for anyone who wants to "tune" Audi's (much
>less anything else...).  I am considering ordering some parts from the
>US...anyone have any experiences with this?   I know I have to fork over
>for GST, a handling fee and of course exchange on my cdn $.  I am
>wondering about additional duties, brokerage fees that I might get hit
>Presently, I am looking for new wheels and tires...I can get tires thru
>local dealers, however they don't stock the ones I want (not
>all-season!) and they bring them in from other cities.  Wheels however
>present a problem...seems to be Crager or American Racing are my only
>local choices...no Borbet, TSW, BBS etc.  I am looking for URL or phone
>numbers/address of canadian shops which I can order tires/wheels
>thru...anyone know of any??
>If this doesn't pan out, very seriously considering ordering the whole
>package from the Tire Rack.
>(I hope at some point to actually start contributing to this list
>instead of just asking questions!)