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RE: Purging Dexron-II from Pentosin Hydraulics


> 	The hydraulic system for brake/steering assist and the hydraulic
> system for brake and clutch actuation are completely different!  You aren't
> putting Pentosin (at least not the Pentosin power steering fluid) into the
> brake master cylinder are you?  DOT-3 or 4 brake fluid is all that is needed
> there.  

No! Thank the maker, I'm not that boneheaded! But this is news to me, I've
always been told/read that the Central Hydraulic System provides the "power"
for the steering, brakes, & clutch. Your comment is the first I'd seen on 
the list that suggests the clutch master and slave cylinders share the same
fluidic circuit as the brakes & the brake master cylinder.

So, there's no relation between the failure of the steering/hydraulic pump,
and the loss of clutch action?

> 	In any event, on the newer 5ks the master cylinder is completely in
> the passenger compartment ... if you get a leak there it hides in the
> carpet.  The slave is inside the bellhousing, but if you were to develop a
> leak there (due to bad slave cyl or bad clutch or TOB) it would very likely
> seep out the drain hole at the lower front of the bellhousing.  

See, and back the previous remark, how come people say that when the clutch
master cylinder starts to leak inside the passenger compartment, they find
*Pentosin* on their floorboards and/or their shoes?


> 	I'm sorry but I have no idea of the difference between Dexron ATF
> and Pentosin.  I am pretty sure that you can add Pentosin to a car that has
> ATF and not expect to have any problems.  When I think of how many problems
> the 5ks have and how few problems the ur-q has I've always wondered if it
> might not be better to go to something like one of the new synthetic Dexron
> that you can get for all of my cars ... :-)

Steve, I hope you don't mind me sending this back to the list for more comments!

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